The Northwoods Sporting Journal is Maine's, and the Northeast's, most exciting and informative monthly outdoor publication. Featuring columns and stories from over 50 of New England's best outdoor writers.

Maine fishing, hunting and outdoor magazine. The Northwoods Sporting Journal offers fishing and hunting stories and information dealing with the Maine outdoors.
Our aim every month is to capture the essence of Maine's remarkable outdoor heritage by stirring memories, portraying Maine outdoor humor, and sharing experiences and outdoor knowledge about any and all aspects of outdoor recreation in the North Woods. We also keep our readers up to date with late-breaking outdoor news and hard hitting editorials about fish and wildlife issues.

That we call ourselves the "Outdoor Paper For Maine Folks" doesn't mean that only Mainer's read the Journal. On the contrary, we are read by outdoor lovers from all 50 states and Canada. "Maine Folks" covers a lot of ground.

Anyone who hunts or fishes in Maine or the Northeast, who hikes and camps here one week out of the year, or comes to our great region for a few days in June to swat bugs and watch moose feeding in a beaver pond, or owns land or a camp on one of Maine's lakes or ponds, we regard as "Maine Folks."

If you consider yourself "Maine folks" and the outdoors is a special place for you, you're likely to find some special connections in the Northwoods Sporting Journal. Click here to subscribe today!

The complete Northwoods Sporting Journal (all 96 pages) is now available for convenient online viewing. For a preview, click here.

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