Over 25 Years of Past NSJ Feature Stories
(starting with March 1998 stories to present)

For Big Fish & Fast Action: Northern Pike
Big Changes For Fall Hunt
Tom Brown's Wilderness School
The Phantom Salmon of Fording Rock
A Simple Ground Blind Made of Camo Cloth Offers Stealth and Mobility
Bowman's First-Kill Delayed by Uninvited Moose On the Make
Wardens Issued New Sidearms
Deer Management 101
Maine's Record Buck: The Whole Story
Maine Wolf Issue Embroiled in Politics and Misperceptions
Some Reflections On Being A Maine Guide
Deer Survival: Where Have All the Deer Yards Gone?
Weasel Encounter
My Salmon Bonanza
Fishing The Belgrades
Snedden: Maker of Rods
Nahmuns River Reflections
Trail Roamer
Varney’s Clay Sports: Great Place To Tune Up For The Bird Season
Maine Guides Face New Challenges
One Man's Ice Shack is Another Man's Castle
Observations of a Bowhunter's Widow
Public Loses Access at Moosehead's Mountain View Pond
Johnny's First Deer: The Grampy Factor
Turkey Hunting Should Be A Solitary Experience
An Elder's Vision Quest
Big Striper Strategies - Part I
Big Striper Strategies - Part II
In Search of the Inscrutable Brookie
Maine Moose Census Raises New Questions About Moose Numbers
Lesson On the Mountain
Hunters Make Your Plans and Check The Rut Dates
Fall Fishing the Belgrades
The Two-Fer Bucks
Snaring Controversy Rooted In Politics
The Three Cousins
October White Water
Bushwhacking for Breakfast Trout
Understanding Fly Fishing Tippets
Should Maine Ban Saltwater Fly Fishing?
Are Saltwater Fishing Tournaments Bad For Conservation?
Natural Bear Baits
Does Maine Have Too Many Registered Guides?
Urban Whitetail Trophies
Is Micro-Management of Maine's Fish and Wildlife Good or Bad?
Family Affair
Hook Line & Sinker featuring Grant's Kennebago Camps
Do Biologists and Game Wardens Listen to Sportsmen?
Do Sportsmen Need Better Representation?
Politics at IF&W: The Chain That Binds?
Are Sportsmen the Ones Being Baited?
Is It Time To Re-think the Collection of Pittman-Robertson Excise Taxes?
The Right Place the Right Time!
Proper Game Handling
The Grandson Gun
The Cameron Buck
Zack's Best Shot
Shopping for Shelters
Tourtillotte Has State Handgun Record Bull Moose
Adventures of Me & Joe: The Yellow Feather
Pete and Chris: Living That Family Tradition
Coyote Deer Slaughter
Substitutes for a Compass
Baker Pond Survival
Do Fish & Wildlife Managers Need a Better Urban Mgmt Plan?
Journal Reader Donates $500,000 to MDIF&W
Are Anglers Sportsman, Too?
The New Tyranny: Should Social Issues Drive Fish & Wildlife Decisions?
The West Branch Bull
Dennys River: Events, Disasters, Solutions
State Proposes Major Changes to Smelt Management
The Angel Hole
Can Maine Restore Coyote Snaring?
Should Maine Game Wardens Operate With an Annual Quota System?
New Sportsmen Fees: More Or Less?
Is It Time To Abolish the Fish and Wildlife Advisory Council?
Simplifying Trout Regulations: Is It Enough?
Wild Trout Vs. Native Trout: Is There a Difference?
The Ideal Deer Rifle
Jess's First Bear
Pigs In the Maine Woods?
The Horseback Doe
2005: Outdoorswise, Was It A Good Year?
Stu Bristol: An Outdoorsman and Writer Who Likes To Shake Things UP
The Katahdin Lake Land Swap: A Good Deal?
Vermont Turkey Restoration
Are Splake Good For Maine's Sport Fishery?
Good Trout Ponds
Tips for Summer Bass
Fly Fishing Q&A
Which Rut Theory Is The Right Theory - BOOK REVIEW
Federations Rally for Veterans
Should Maine Change Its November Deer Season?
Game Warden Pilots: Are They A Special Breed?
NSJ Editor Receives Four First Place Awards at NEOWA Annual Meeting
Jeffrey's Maine Elk
Coyote Control Program?
Angler's Question: Why Does Maine Stock Game Fish?
The Silver Ridge Gun Man
Are All Loons Really Shy and Wary?
Fisher or Fisherman: Which Are You?
Plan Your Moose Hunt
The Scent Thing: Do Deer Lures Really Work?
The Thanksgiving Buck
How Can We Help Bring Along Young Hunters?
Sea Herring Dilemma
Canada's Little Wolves
Is There A Better Bass Worm?
Global Warming: A Threat to Wildlife Conservation?
Champlain's Bass Fishery
Mutt: The Reluctant Retriever
Good Trail Grub: What's A Backpacker To Do?
What's the Fall Deer Outlook For ME, NH, VT and Mass?
Oh Wondrous Woodcock!
Best Deer Hunt Ever
Maine Trapping vs. New Mexico Trapping: How Do They Compare?
Grand Lake Stream Tragedy
Still No Coyote Control
Moose: The Tick Threat
Record Togue Caught
Average Deer Winter
Do We Want Alewives in St. Croix River?
A Maine Moose Hunt: How Do You Plan For One?
Hunting Clothes and Gear: How Much Is Enough?
Work For Your Deer
Places We Hunt: "Heeth" or "Hayth," Bog or Logan, Swamp or Swale?
Maine Coyotes: How Many Wolf Genes?
Can We Save Deer Hunting in Maine?
Curing Hard Mouths
Avoid Lightning Strikes
First Bird: A Laughing Matter?
Why is Sharpening your Knives Important?
The Maine Bear Season
The Cormorant Plague
River Restoration Threatens Brookies
Maine: Are There Enough Game Wardens?
Catching Christmas Smelt
Fly Fishing: Getting Started - Part 1
Should Game Wardens Be Allowed to Kill Coyotes?
Paint The Crow Black
The Deer Action Plan: Will It Work?
The Ultimate Spring Turkey Challenge
Should Maine Impose Whitetail Antler Restrictions?
Is Habitat Restoration an Effective Way to Rebuild Low Deer Populations?
Art on Metal
Moose Hunting: Are There Lessons to be Learned?
What Happened in Millinocket?
If This Old Gun Could Talk
Tales from Misery Ridge: What Really Happened to the Baxter Park Caibou?
Where Have All the Non-Resident Hunters Gone?
Winter Feeding Deer: Help or Hindrance?
Should Maine's Deer Driving Law Be Re-Examined?
Can Guns Bring Back Memories?
Have We Lost Our WMAs? Part I: What Is A WMA?
ARE WE LOSING OUR WMAS? Part II: WMA Management In Maine
ARE WE LOSING OUR WMAS? Part III: Managing Maine’s WMAs
The Bears and the Bees
After 30 Years As Maine Bear Biologist, What Has Randy Cross Learned About These Complex Critters?
The Buck Hunter
New Wave Hunters: What's the Story?
Me & Joe - The Atlantic Salmon
Maine's Coyote Control Program: Is It Working?
Living On the Ice
Assault Weapons: Boiling the Frog?
Turkeys as Scapegoats
Adventures of Me & Joe: The Indian Chief
Adventures of Me & Joe: The Log Cabin
We The People
Photographing Deer
What's the Fall Bird Outlook?
A Three Rivers National Park: Will It Work?
Is an Outhouse Just an Outhouse?
Ice: Is It Safe?
No Deer On the Pole; Why?
Maine Moose: Are They In Trouble?
Antler Restrictions: Good or Bad?
Streamers for Spring Salmon
World's Best Bassin'?
Farewell to Maine’s State Eagle
The Golden Retriever
Ballot Question 1 - The Bear Referendum:
Please Do Not Be Misled By Its Wording

Maine's Bear Referendum: What's At Stake?
Bears Deserve Better
Maine Hunting Tradition
The Lynx Quagmire
Wintertime On The Allagash
Time to Un-list the Lynx?
The Dark Cahill Wet Fly
A Spring Fishing Tradition
The Deliverance of Rev. Woehr
Maine Wildlife Park and Swan Island
The AT: Changing Times
Kayaking for Ducks
Lessons for the Deer Woods
Sweeter Than Candy
Ice Fishing the County
Night Cusk Fishing
How Do You Shed Hunt with a Dog?
Bigger, Better Brookies
Beginner's Lesson: Dry Fly Fishing – Part One
Chasing June Smallmouth
Migratory Bird Conservation
Black Bear: Baiting Basics
Dangling Dewlaps
The Ways of the Woodcock
Deer Watching You
Legends of the Game VIII - Gene Bahr
Last Chance Buck
Maine Coyote Control: Is It Working?
Late Winter Pike
Spruce Grouse
Returning Artifacts
GLS: Paradise for Smallies
Avoiding A Crash With A Moose
Poling a Canoe
Ole’ Three Paws
Fall Angling Options
Pup Catching Birds
The Allagash - Winter Campground Registration
Winter Tying Recipes
Making Charcloth
Adventures of Me & Joe Legend of Nude Rockne
Dipping Smelts
Farewell To A Friend
The Late, Great Lefty Kreh
Maine Moose: Reduction Needed?
Tick-Born Diseases Rising
Dusting off the Camera
Greatest Month for Memories
Scent Control: Fact or Fiction?
A Tale of Two Maps
Defining Success
Tactics for Bobcat
Maine Fishing: How Good?
Making Your Mount Count
Coyote Attacks Vermont Couple
Maine Fly Fishing Adventures With Dad
The Morning Dance

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